e-Living participates in the national cluster “TAV Tecnologie e Ambienti di Vita” (Smart Living Technologies).

The aim of Smart Living Technologies is to develop knowledge, technological solutions, projects, constructions and very high quality products in the field of an Ambient Intelligence and in Ambient Assisted Living. Its final aim is to guarantee social inclusion, safety and eco-friendliness.

The cluster involves five different regions, Marche, Lombardia, Puglia, Toscana and Friuli Venezia Giulia, as well as the independent province of Trento. They participate with more than 100 subjects between universities, researcher institutes and enterprises. They will develop the following points thanks to financed projects:

Home becomes the central point, it is interconnected with a large Smart Community open to new opportunities of Smart Cities and Smart Grid;

The elderly have the possibility to be independent and autonomous in their own homes, thus continuing to be active parts in managing their health;

Ambient Intelligence to improve accessibility and lifestyle of people of all ages, from children to elderlies with mobility problems and / or cognitive impairment, with chronic neurological diseases of different origin. The man is the centre of its own home;

All software instruments can allow and manage exchange of information;

Human Machine Advanced Interaction in order to create holistic and adaptable user interfaces, usable by different kinds of users.



Le aree tecnologiche dei Cluster Nazionali (Immagine da Position Paper CTN)