Consulting services
Creation Date: 2012
Employees: 8
via Marconi 102
60015 Falconara (AN)
Phone: 349 6823858

Net 4 Partners is a consulting company, founded in 2012, which is aimed at companies and P.A. offering management consulting services, fund raising, access to finance, tenders, internationalization, benchmarking, market intelligence and training. It has its registered office in Bologna and operative offices in Rome and Ancona. The company is qualified in drafting projects for access to regional, national and European funding in the field of Research, Training, Innovation and Competitive Development. The company has an important know-how also in the field of cities and smart communities, in issues related to e-government, e-health and more generally social innovation. Acts as a facilitator between public administrations, industries and research centers of technological innovation applied to public processes. N4P provides strategic support to identify the most appropriate tools to plan Smart Cities development lines, in order to reconcile and meet the needs of citizens, businesses and institutions, with a widespread and innovative implementation of ICT. Although recently established, the contribution of high-profile specialists with extensive experience in the reference sectors guarantees the effectiveness and efficiency of the services offered. The company operates in networks with professionals, companies, research centers, universities, expression of the most qualified knowledge, expertise and practice in the field of Innovation and R & D in the public and private sectors.