Educational, Health and Educational Services
Creation Date: 1979
Via Milazzo, 28
61122 Pesaro (PU)
Phone: 0721 456415
Fax: 0721 456502

Labirinto Cooperativa Sociale operates in the territory of the Province of Pesaro and Urbino and neighboring provinces since 1979, articulating its intervention in the field of personal services. Labirinto designs and manages services in specific areas: socio-educational, socio-health, training and research. The mission can be condensed into the definition of Social Cooperative Enterprise on the Net:

  • Business

We develop the business project, through the active involvement of the members, directing the structure to participation, sharing and transparency.

  • Cooperative

We favor the development of the employment base, directing our action to improving working conditions, enhancing communication, protection and training tools.

  • Social

We actively work in welfare policies through: active participation in the life of local communities, constant reading of the needs of individuals and communities, planning and management of social solidarity services.

  • Network

We spread the culture of social solidarity including the participation of recipients (users and family), associations and communities, planning and management of services and empowering working members to associate life, care services and social networks by rooting our action in the territories, sharing the responsibilities of the services managed with the local actors.