PA and Car Audio entertainment
Creation Date: 1987
C.da Marignano
62018 Potenza Picena (MC)
Phone: +39 0733870870

Elettromedia, with the Audison, Hertz and Connection brands, is the world leader in the car audio market for the production of amplifiers, speakers, audio processors and accessories for professional installation.

Our products stand out for their technological excellence, the result of know-how gained in over 30 years of activity and of a constantly evolving research. Innovative strength is our most precious asset, which creates a superior value for our customers and for the company itself, guaranteeing it a leading position in car audio.

The Elettromedia philosophy is a unique cocktail: quality car hi-fi components, technological exclusivity, continuous innovation and elegance in design. The scruple, the experience and the love of the entire staff towards their work certainly make honor to those who really want to enjoy music.

The high-end vocation of Elettromedia does not end with the creation of cutting-edge products but also involves the professionalism of car audio operators, giving life to pioneering projects successfully developed over the years.

Starting from 2001, Elettromedia launches a challenge capable of revolutionizing the Italian market, the Network Masters, a network of centers specialized in car audio. Through the Network, Elettromedia also supports training, with the Masters Training Institute (MTI), a real school, open to all market operators, in which theory and practice alternate to meet market needs. The Masters and MTI project, born for the Italian market, goes beyond national borders and receives appreciation from different parts of the world, from Northern Europe to the United States to Southeast Asia.

Elettromedia also interprets internationalization as an opportunity for commercial partnerships with other companies in the sector. In 2007 it invests in a production unit in China and since 2010 has been marketing OEM projects for amplifiers and loudspeakers for important international brands.