Research, innovation and technological development in the home
Creation Date: 2011
Via Lamberto Corsi 55
60044 Fabriano (AN)
Phone: +39.0732 664611
Fax: +39. 0732 668301

Homelab is an Italian Consortium of research on domotics established in April 2011. It is born from the desire to create a system of the eight founding partners, companies and institutions in the domestic sector: Ariston Thermo, Elica Group, Indesit Company, Loccioni, MR & D Institute, Spes , Teuco-Guzzini and Marche Polytechnic University. In January 2012, he joined the BTICINO Consortium, the Italian company of the French LEGRAND Group, leader in home automation systems, confirming the validity of the initiative, born at a regional level but with the prospect of being a reference point at the national level. European. The Consortium is chaired by Andrea Merloni. The purpose of the consortium is the definition of communication standards and interoperability between the various products and services within the home with objectives of energy efficiency and better performance, the study and implementation of sensors and technologies able to improve the quality and the functionality of domestic environments. Research topics are the integration of energy saving systems, remote monitoring and control of equipment and systems, micro-generation and micro-energy consumption, Smart Grids and Local Smart Grid, environmental quality measurement and control home (air, temperature, lighting, water, etc.), sensors, integrated control and home automation systems, "smart" communication protocols and the adaptation and implementation of third-party technologies and systems. The organizational model is based on "open innovation" with the sharing of objectives and strategic vision, putting at the system the individual skills and excellences with a multiplier effect on the results of the research. The consortium aims to work also as a "technological enabler" towards companies that operate with products and services within the home, providing them with a network of the highest level consisting of universities, research centers and international technological sources.