Associazione di categoria
Creation Date: 1944
Via Weiden 35
62100 Macerata (MC)
Phone: +39 0733 27961
Fax: +39 0733 279666

Confindustria Macerata is a free and voluntary association of private companies acting for the representation, protection and promotion of industry. It includes about five hundred companies, eighty percent of which are SMEs, for a total of more than twenty thousand employees. It is part of the network of Confindustria, which is an important component of Business Europe. The Association has been present for a long time in the economic scene of our Province: in 2004 celebrated its 60 years of activity, more than half a century of constant and active presence shoulder to shoulder with companies, with a starring role in the growth of economy and society of the Province of Macerata. Over the years, the Association has become a valuable reference point for the socio-economic actors and, above all, for all entrepreneurs in the Province of Macerata. It gave voice to their needs and has had a significant part in representing entrepreneur and their companies, becoming a frequent and authoritative liaison towards public institutions, social forces and other local professional organizations. Today the Association is an irreplaceable protagonist of the social and economic life of the Province of Macerata, Marche Region and the Confindustria system. Confindustria system is based on various levels, that brings together more than one hundred thousand companies with a total of over four million employees. The Association acts on two main fronts: the first one is the political representation of the interests of the category on the territory and in the Confindustria system, the second one is the daily support of businesses through a targeted set of services and advices.

Briefly speaking, the Association:

  • Represents the interests of member companies representing them and assisting them toward public institutions, economic, political and social organizations
  • Promotes the development of entrepreneurial activities and the dissemination of entrepreneurial culture
  • Gives information and advises member companies, dealing with all the issues related to the business world
  • Develops and prepares services based on the real needs of enterprises
  • Signs collective agreements and contracts on behalf of its member companies
  • Appoints representatives in public or private committees when this is considered useful according to the statute
  • Supports relationships between the member companies in order to study and find solutions for problems of common interest or to reach economic deals
  • Proposes and carries out in-depth studies, debates and conferences on economic, social and institutional general interest as well as on specific issues regarding different sectors in Macerata Provincial territory