Associazione di categoria
Creation Date: 1979
Employees: 4
Via A. Volta, 19
60027 Osimo (AN)
Phone: 071 7108446
Fax: 071 7106895

CONFAPI ANCONA is the Association of small and medium-sized industries of the Province of Ancona, a member of the CONFAPI (which operates at national level). The goal of the Association is to be a spokesperson and a protect the interests of SMEs, through participation in the boards of representation in the bodies institutions at provincial and regional level, the promotion of economic, cultural and legislative initiatives, the
dissemination of information of interest for the development and management of the company.

The Association proposes in particular the following purposes:
- Assist the associated enterprises in the economic, technical, administrative, training, social, moral fields and educational;
- Promote the development of companies and categories represented and encourage collaboration (also consortile) between the associated companies, the individual categories, the other trade associations and consortiums, ad every level of representativeness;
- Assist and represent associated companies in the treatment of staff working conditions employee by entering into agreements and collective agreements, trying to prevent disputes and working to resolve them when they arose;
- Study and promote any initiative with the aim of increasing and improving the production of services;
- Representing the member companies in relation to any private or public body, for each institutional level;
- Designate the representatives of the associated companies and the categories involved in all the bodies and bodies where representation is planned or requested;
- Perform any other action that may be useful for the Association and its members.

CONFAPI ANCONA is a non-profit organization and gives equal weight to all the associated entrepreneurs who participate with equal right to vote in the life of the Association, regardless of the sector of the industry in which they operate and from the size of the company.

CONFAPI ANCONA operates in the following areas:

Labor and Social Security

Financed and paid training

Environment and Safety

Soft credit