Maintenances and refitting of large yachts
Creation Date: 24/10/2014
Strada tra i due porti, 48
61121 Pesaro (PU)
Phone: 0721259056

Cantiere Rossini is a new shipyard dedicated to the maintenance and refitting of large yachts located in Pesaro.

Currently, the yard is being renovated to create a modern and flexible structure with a large equipped square, a 560 ton travel lift and two warehouses dedicated to painting large yachts.

Strategically positioned within the port of Pesaro, not far from the city center, Cantiere Rossini offers a wide range of services, from small repairs and routine maintenance to major refitting projects and structural modifications.

Cantiere Rossini also has 100 meters of equipped dock, perfectly sheltered from winds and waves, with "stern" moorings for yachts up to 55 meters in length.