Data management
Creation Date: 1987
Contrada Le Casine snc
60131 Casine di Paterno (AN)
Phone: +39.071.8028042
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AUTOMA S.r.l. since 1987, he has been dealing with processes and products for industrial automation, with a prevalent reference to the fields of data processing, measurements of electrical and physical quantities and building automation. The experience gained over the years has consolidated a specific expertise in the development of electronic equipment and software products oriented to data managing and data logging, as well as in the field of instrumentation control, testing and measurement and more recently, in home automation.

Created to apply new technologies in business and production, AUTOMA has progressively evolved, through collaborations with prestigious Research Institutions, taking the vanguard in the national and international field in transferring innovation from research laboratories to everyday life . The recent result of this evolution is the opening to international markets, bringing the excellence of Made in Italy design and production to the most demanding multinational clients.

Apply the best technologies to meet every type of operational need, allowing the optimization of resources and the simplification of production processes. This is the original mission with which AUTOMA was founded; this is the mission with which the technicians renew their commitment every day; this is the mission that gives strength every day to carry on their passion. The experience gained in over twenty years now allows AUTOMA to provide a team of young and motivated specialists, suitable to solve the different work requirements by applying technology, professionalism and passion for the development of a solution designed ad hoc.

Although they have dealt with so many problems, their main experience remains the collection and processing of data. Whether it is: measures continuously acquired by our measuring instruments; information from the sensor network of your home; stamps coming from our access terminals and attendance checks make no difference. From magnetic badge readers to fingerprint recognition; from the lighting of your home to remote control of the same directly on your mobile phone; from the measurement in the field of the piping potential to the daily telematic transmission.

Many different technologies, many different means of communication, only one choice: Automa.