Care, assistance and promotion of the individual
Via Saffi 4
60121 Ancona (AN)
Phone: +39 071 501031

COOSS Marche is a Social Cooperative that works for the care, assistance and promotion of the individual.

It recognizes as fundamental the right of each of us to have a right quality of life and for this reason he studies, specializes and works every day with professionals in the field of health and self-care.

Each person is a unique individual: his protection is their first objective, that is why their motto is "at the center of our Coossmo there are YOU", in the belief that the peculiarities of each are a heritage to be protected and enhanced.

We deal with social, socio-health, welfare and educational services, aimed at all those who request it or manifest the need: from the child to the elderly, from the immigrant to the student. They have always been interested in research and training, as well as the promotion of social integration and participation in the territory, mainly in the Marche region, with the aim of guaranteeing employment for our members.